Being a parent is amazing. Every single species on earth loves the offspring and humans are no different. Desiring a child is natural and justified by the laws of nature. But some are unfortunate to conceive a child, reason can be any. This, however, doesn’t mean you can’t be a parent ever. Yes, biological children are worthy, but the truth is the statement hold itself in the case of those who don’t share the DNA with you.

Humans are the beloved creation of God and every child is beautiful. When one opts for adoption the feeling is beyond any expression. Giving a better life, a family, a safe and secure shelter is more than satisfactory. Sometimes many wait for long years before considering adoption. Other than infertility, a few wait for the right partner to start a family while financial stability is the main constraint for others. Here we’ll not discuss the reasons but why single parenting is what you should adopt.

Parenting is the same, whether you consider it as a couple or single-handedly. You think yourself capable of taking care of a little soul with utmost love, support. You think you can take the responsibility of a child and can afford his/her sustenance. You are emotionally mature enough to understand what a child needs. But should you really consider adopting a child on your own or wait for a little longer for the right partner?

Well, first of all, if you think you can parent a child, you are absolutely right. What lingers around your mind is that couple parenting is better than single parenting as it will be an extra factor of safety in his/her upbringing. But there is nothing wrong with considering single parenting.

Always keep in mind that adoption is a legal process in India and the law permits single parents to adopt a child. Any interested person is required to fill the form with CARA and follow the mandated guidelines laid down by the authority. Any adoption in the backyards of CARA is considered illegal and there are provisions for strict actions under the Indian Penal Code (IPC), Juvenile Justice Act (JJA) and other relevant acts against the violators. It is advised to contact the licensed adoption agencies to know about the availability and further details. Any other calls for adoption in the absence of involvement of the authority is a punishable offence.