There could be so many reasons for you to think of adoption as the ultimate resort. It, however, shouldn’t be done to fill the void in your life and mend your broken heart. By giving a better life and accepting a child with arms open you help him/her to believe in people and forget the past scars. But several pre-conceived notions are prevalent in our society that creates hurdles in your path of becoming a parent. Let’s find out what those are and how can prospective parents overcome them.

Gender Preferences

People, not all, prefer a certain group while considering adoption. A widespread inclination is towards male children. This deep-rooted favouritism is linked to many age-old beliefs.

The first being boys are considered permanent members of the family while a girl is valuable until the day she gets married. Second, he will be there to take care of his parents at old age. These are the tiny drops in a pool of many reasons.

What can be done: Gender discrimination is unethical and morally wrong. One can’t discriminate on the basis of biological design. Both are equally important and needful for the existence of the human race. By encouraging biases you fuel up the waiting process for you to adopt a child.

Caste Affection

Although existence is meagre now, but certain people are still slanted towards their caste. They develop and hold prejudices dearly. Such conditions make it difficult for you to pick a child fulfilling all your mentioned criteria.

What can be done: Casteism is an evil thing. You have no right to belittle someone on the basis of the family they were born into. Every child is beautiful and precious. Embrace the creation of God without being judgemental.

Regional Favoritism

It is believed that the region has some influence on the child. Hence, a number of couples prefer children from a particular region. This also determines the physical attributes of the child. Prospective parents often want children from the same region of theirs as it will somehow make the family look-alike in appearances. They intend to blend the child in such a way that others don’t have any reason to think otherwise.

What can be done: Prospective parents often waste a lot of time in matching the physical attributes of the child with them. This, however, shouldn’t be encouraged. By doing so you are only complicating the process and making yourself wait for a longer time.

Age Sorting

Couples sometimes prefer children below 5 years for adoption. If we think of this deeply it shows the desire to embed the child within the family starting from the initial years. Such conditions, however, put other aged group children in misery. Their mental trauma and feeling of rejection shift them into a more vulnerable condition than they were in previously.

What can be done: If you are thinking of adoption then your primary focus should be providing a family to a child in need. Age sorting is negatory. You think there is nothing wrong with putting one’s choice forth but you, however, are segregating a group from others as per your selection. Think before doing such. Adopt a child to complete a family and give someone who is really in need of one, rather than picking the best among all. This is not a competition to win but a blessing for a lifetime.