Adoption is a combination of both Legal or emotional processes but it becomes hectic sometimes if you are unaware of the rules and guidelines. Process of General Child Adoption in India usually have three main points that you need to deal with: Child availability, Travel and Cost of the adoption.

Child Availability:

International: International Adoption process takes time to complete paperwork that’s why a family will never receive a newborn baby. Some countries prefer domestic adoption rather than handover kid to foreigners. Once the child reached a certain age then the child is eligible for International adoption.

Domestic Adoption: In Domestic adoption, family has a better opportunity of being parents of a bundle of joy in less time as compared to international Adoption.

Cost of Adoption:

The cost of private adoption depends on agency fees, paperwork fees, expectant mother’s care etc.

International: International adoption process is very costly as compared to domestic adoption but if you are planning for the adoption of foreigner child then you have time to plan and save money.

Domestic Adoption: If you adopt through foster care system in your own state then the adoption fees would be very little.


International:  With international adoption, more than one trip is required.The couple has to travel or stay one to three weeks in that country from where they are adopting a child. So it becomes very difficult for some couples to manage with their work and other family members.  

Domestic Adoption: Couple needs to travel very little if they are adopting with foster care or from their own state.

In India, everyone has a right to adopt a child if he/she fulfil the requirements according to adoption laws. We would recommend to adopting only through the certified agency for hassle-free child adoption in India. Best of Luck.