Taking a step forward to provide aid to the vulnerable children who lost parental support due to the pandemic, Maharashtra govt. made an announcement of providing financial assistance worth Rs. 5 lakh to each child orphaned due to Covid-19. The devilish pandemic claimed thousands of lives during the second wave, many were parents to underaged children.

Future holds little hope for these children. And the adoption requests roaming over the internet have made them ill-protected, their lives are now at stake. There have been many calls for adoption circulating over different social media sites, pressing the respective govts to consider the dangerous situation of these innocent souls and come up with strict and bold actions ensuring their safety and well-being.

The rising number of orphan children provoked debate over the adoption process in the country. Hence, it has become imperative for respective state governments and the central government to take concerted action to protect the lives of these called the “future of the country”.

On the same page, earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced an aid of Rs. 10 lakh/child who lost one or both parents to Covid or were abandoned in this perilous situation. The assistance will be provided from PM-CARES. The PM thanked the citizens of India for their generous contribution, making it possible for the government to help the needy.