The NCPCR (National Commission for Protection of Child Rights) cautioned social media platforms on illegal adoption. The Commission asked Twitter, Telegram, Facebook and Whatsapp to report illegal social media posts calling for the adoption of children orphaned due to Covid, failure to do so will put them under the scrutiny of strict action.

This came a week later when Supreme Court directed the states and UTs to take tough actions against individuals and NGOs who are inviting people to come forward for the adoption of children orphaned in the pandemic.

“It is requested that in cases where such posts are posted on your online social media platforms, information about the same must be reported to the law enforcement authorities and/or National Commission or State Commissions of the state/UT concerned and provide the details of the IP address, origin of the post and other such relevant details,” wrote Priyank Kanoongo, NCPCR chairperson, in a letter issued to portals on June 13. 

The Commission called for an “action taken” report within 10 days from these four entities. 

It is to remember that adoption is a legal process in India. Desirous individuals are required to fill in the form with CARA to adopt legally. Any adoption without the involvement of CARA is considered illegal and strict actions are provisioned for the violators under IPC and Juveline Justice Act.