India is among the worst-hit countries by the ongoing pandemic. With a record infection number of each day, people, regardless of class, are facing the adversities of this unwanted disaster. Even children are not untouched by this pain. Their story is no different from others suffering due to this deadly virus.

The monstrous virus is responsible for a total of 2,83,248 deaths so far.

The exorbitant cost of COVID treatment forces the families of the infected to live with little or no support at all, including children who are left stranded with no roof of protection over their heads. This is however a heart-wrenching situation, but before lending a hand of help one must be cautious about the adoption calls made on social media platforms. They are Illegal, which you should be aware of.

Providing shelter to an orphan is a noble cause. But before proceeding to welcome a new member into your family, several checks should be done to save oneself from troubles that might arise in near future. Yes, many parents succumbing to COVID-19 are survived by offspring (some are even under-aged) with diminutive or no aid at all.

There are several instances where people are calling for the adoption of children orphaned because of COVID. It is to be noted that adoption is a legal process in India, regulated by CARA (Central Adoption Regulation Authority), Ministry of Women and Child Welfare Development, Government of India. And at the state level, it is regulated by the State Adoption Regulation Authority (SARA). Any child found in distress condition should be reported to the District Child Welfare Committees or to Childline (1098).

Be wary of adoption calls on social media as they are illegal. There is a whole laid-out procedure and guidelines before keeping them in legal adoption agencies and declaring them for adoption.

If you wish to adopt a child you are bound to follow the guidelines handled by CARA and SARA. The process is long and time-consuming but a proper home study is done by the organizations to ensure that you can provide a suitable environment for child care.

Be Cautious of Social Media calls for Adoption, they are Illegal.