Delhi Police crime branch has knocked out an inter-state racket of purported kidnapping and trafficking of newborn babies. The gang used to buy newborn babies from financially poor biological parents and sell them to childless couples in exchange for money. 

The gang members used to identify poor pregnant women and potential clients alongside. So far their names were caught in the smuggling of 50 newborn babies. An official concern of Delhi police disclosed that the gang used to buy babies soon after they are born from biological parents and sell them to rich childless couples for a huge amount of money. They usually buy the babies at Rs 1- Rs 2 lakh and sell them at Rs 3- Rs 4 lakh. It was shocking that they managed to convince sellers and buyers that this is legal, added the officer.

They succeeded in evolving a new methodology where poor pregnant women were identified and soon the child is born they take away the child and keep it with them. At the same time, they search out potential buyers and circulate the picture of the baby among brokers through social media and thereafter sell the child to the couple who agrees to buy at the proposed amount.