Fearing about the safety of Covid distressed children the Women and Child Development Ministry requested people not to share their details over social media platforms, as it can put their life at great risk.


The Ministry said that such information should be given to Childline (1098) on an immediate basis.


India is witnessing the worst time of Covid-19. The second wave turned out to be more vicious and claimed 3,63,029 deaths so far. Due to this many children are left vulnerable as some lost either or both parents to the infection, while others were left abandoned. The picture is no different for those whose parents are hospitalized. Though few are taken care of by their immediate family, others are seeking a safe place in Childcare institutions, but a large number are now at risk of child trafficking as they remain uncounted. 


Ministry has earlier urged people to refrain from such calls of direct adoption on social media platforms as they are illegal and strict actions are provisioned under the Indian Penal Code for the violators. It also informed that revealing any information about the child, which can put their life at risk, is a violation of section 74 of the Juvenile Justice Act, 2015. 


WCD made it clear that adoption of orphans without the involvement of the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) is illegal. And associated individuals are liable for strict actions. Besides being a punishable offence, such action may increase the risk of child exploitation and trafficking, it observed.


CARA, working as a nodal body for adoption in India, is a statutory body under Women and Child Development. It is authorized to observe and regulate all intra and inter-country adoption.


Those who are interested to adopt an orphan/abandoned or surrendered child are requested to fill out the online application form to Specialised Adoption Agencies via Child Adoption Resource Information and Guidance System (CARINGS).