Giving a new life to an abandoned child is a beautiful way to build a family. 

At Adoption & Beyond, we make sure our children get safe homes and loving parents. And ensuring those homes are the right place for an adopted child begins with an adoptive home study.

An adoptive home study is the initial part of the adoption process, which involves a few in-person visits, educational training, and meeting with a prospective adoptive family in their home. This is part of the adoptive process, no matter what type of adoption you pursue. To help hopeful adoptive families prepare for this part of their journey, we have compiled a small guide to assist you. Here is what you need to know.


As you speak with the home study caseworker or complete paperwork, you will cover a variety of topics. This includes questions about:

Being a home study caseworker we have to do all paperwork where we cover a variety of topics

  • Current financial situation
  • Cultural background
  • Plans for childcare and education
  • Child abuse registry check
  • Marriage status
  • Family and extended family information
  • Criminal record check
  • Views on discipline
  • Medical history
  • Views on parenting