Loving someone and taking care of them more than you do for yourself is called Parenthood. Some are fortunate to conceive a child, who completes their lives, however, there are others who are desirous to bestow the love on someone but ill-fated. Whatever the reason for this you can always become a parent. A way forward, called to be a noble cause, is adopting an orphan or any child who lost parental shelter.

Prolonged and Tedious operation

Adoption is a legal and emotional process. The respective authorities, CARA (Central Adoption Resource Authority) in India, monitor and regulate the process of adoption. Any adoption outside the purview of the authorized body considered illegal. It also infringes on the well-being and protection of helpless children. Such activities invite child trafficking, child labour, and many other wrongdoings in a later course. Hence, it is not advised to escape the legal procedure as it looks into a wide arena of subjects before giving a child for adoption. Additionally, people involved in such exercise attracts strict action against them. Like in India all the adoption in the backwoods of CARA is a punishable offence and stringent actions are provisioned for the violators under IPC and Juvenile Justice Act. 

Illegal Adoption in discussion

With the onset of the pandemic, many lives suffered belonging to each stratum. People, including parents of many anguished underaged, left little or no resources for the family that survived. On the other hand, a huge number of children were left abandoned as the economic crisis, loss of jobs, drying up of savings left families in vulnerable conditions. But the concern for these destitute came to the fore when social media portals were inundated with adoption calls. Some individuals and NGOs are urging people to step up and contribute to the betterment of these children suffering from parental loss.

Taking the matter into cognizance the Supreme Court of India directed states and UTs to take necessary actions on such calls. Soon authorities investigated the matter and noticed the internet platforms were overwhelmed with such requests. The NCPCR told Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and Whatsapp, the most popular platforms, to report such messages to the authorities, failing to do will encourage strict actions against them. 

A helping hand

An aware person will call on the Childline (1098) or inform the district authorities of spotting a child in distress. The law will not only protect the child from the outside threats but provide them with better care and protection, and after due consideration, they will be put up for adoption. Promoting adoption outside the law is illegitimate and should not be encouraged.