It has been studied that kids born after rapes in India has to struggle for dignity more than everything else. They have to live for the truth of his/her mother. Its a shame for our society that hasitate to accept those kids who have actually done nothing wrong.

Reports says that most of the families prefer abortion of the victim as a number of uneasy questions crop up once the teenage girl is identified as pregnant, but in some cases where with the concent of girl a baby is born espite the social stigma and then that baby has to fight for dignity as a normal human being. The battle for the survivors continues in their effort to establish an identity for the child which is free from the shadows of the past.

In 2010, a 16-year-old girl in Mahudha town of Kheda district was raped repeatedly by a witch doctor on the pretext of curing her illness. The distraught girl finally came out when she got pregnant the next year and the identity of the rapist became known. Her battle ended when the accused was acquitted for lack of evidence.

When the rape survivor’s daughter was registered on government records in 2011, the survivor’s father — the girl’s maternal grandfather — was named as her father on her birth certificate. It was puzzling for the family as the man in question died five years before the incident. The girl’s mother is now trying to mend this error.