Adopted children commonly face mental trauma with new families. Adjusting to a new environment, being surrounded by strangers and so many questions lashed out on them about families or past experiences place them into a difficult situation. Besides a happy beginning, a safe and secure grounding with a healthy caregiver is needed most. Their brains won’t stop thinking with one time comfort been provided by you. They’ll test you so many times in various ways. And this can cause big trouble to the adoptive families too.

An open-minded family, along with more group support, can help reduce such problems by acknowledging and addressing them without passing judgment on the child.

The adoption process in general is a tiresome journey. Parents go through many troubles to adopt a child. Hence, their openness and resilience can accommodate the mental issues being faced by the adopted children.

Psychiatrists suggest parents to pay attention to the behavioural part of their children. They say parents often ignore such incidents and on a later course regret not addressing them at the right moment. But mostly they never understand what was the area of focusing. In most cases, adoptive parents do not notice such events until a specialist points them out.

Seeking expert help to nurture a healthy relationship with your child is no shame. When you see anything different in your kid’s behaviour you can always visit a doctor. Explain your areas of concern and changes you’ve noticed so far. The first place is always the family doctor, and seek help from a paediatrician if they are not sure of the condition. He will assess your children and if needed refer you to specialists like a psychiatrist.

There are no pre-set rules to differentiate between normal and abnormal behaviour of children. Any conclusion can be reached once the child is assessed by the specialist. However, when a child harms himself the matter should be taken into consideration as this is not a normal affair. Or if [s]he is going into distress condition and not mentioning any causes, that too is a matter of concern. Losing interest in activities they were previously fond of or unexpected emotional changes also need to be addressed.

Do not ignore if something odd about your child’s behaviour comes into attention. Seek expert help before things turn ugly.