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6 Reasons Why People Adopt a Child

Adopt a Child

Why do People adopt? When we ask this question, then the very first or simple answer is infertility, Right? But do you know there are a lot of other reasons that convince couples to Adopt a Child. The Child Adoption in India is a very personal or emotional decision of parents. Every family has different reasons for adoption, so it is impossible to say why people adopt. Here are Some common reasons for adoptions are:

Infertility: One of the most common reasons for adoption is Infertility. Couples who can not have a biological child naturally due to medical reasons, pursue adoption.

Single Parents:- Some people don’t want to marry and like to stay single they often opt. for adoption to have kids or to feel the feeling of parenthood. Same-sex may also cause a reason for adoption.

Medical Conditions: Sometimes people suffer from serious diseases and they don’t want to pass it on their kids. Women who are facing serious medical conditions and problem to carry pregnancy also pursue adoption.

Charity: Sometimes people who are not in a good financial condition to raise a child so they want to give a child in safe hands. Some kind-hearted people choose adoption to give a luxurious life and better education to a needy child.

Gender of the child: Some families have kids but they want another child of opposite sex to complete their family so they pursue adoption. Legal Child adoption agencies never allow to differentiating by gender.

Older Child than Infants: As we know the infants need 24hr care as compared to older children so some couples don’t want to raise a child from infancy the child adoption is a better option for them.

There are abundant other reason for adoption such as to control population, Cultural beliefs and much more. Whatever the reason is, Child Adoption is a beautiful feeling of satisfaction. Families who are financially strong must have pursued adoption to give a better life or lovable home for those who have no parents.   

Read the Reasons Why Adoption is not Right for You

Adoption is not less than a gift because you can give a luxurious life with a lot of love to a child who needs it and deserve it but sometimes it becomes worst if the adoption comes about the wrong reason. Is Adoption Right For You? Check out some reasons and know why you shouldn’t adopt a child if you have following reasons:-

  • Infertility Matters:  Don’t link infertility with new child adoption because it is not fair for the adopted child as a sort of Replacement. Inability to have a birth can be harmful to adoption. the adoptive placement begins to fail if the adoptive child fails to meet the expectations of parents.
  • Failing Marriage: Adoption is not right if you want to adopt a child to save your relationship. Un-attachment between the couple may occur even after adoption so it is unfair with the adoptive child to bring in home in certain situations.
  • Family Pressure: If a couple is childless or have infertility issues then family members and Friends pressurise them sometimes to adopt a child to complete their family. If you are not prepared for adoption yet or your gut tells you that it is wrong don’t go for adoption. You should have willing for adoption first.
  • Playmate for your Child: The adoptive child is not a way to fulfil the expectations of adoptive parents so it is not good to adopt a child to just give the company or playmate to your child.
  • To Delight your Partner: Adoption is a beautiful feeling of parenthood for both mother and father, if you are not agreeing for adoption, don’t adopt a child just to please your partner.

In Foster adoption process child have to visit adoptive parents home for a period of time and some families feel very bad when they decide not to adopt that child.
Given above are the major reasons why you shouldn’t go for the adoption. So adoption is not only the way to provide shelter to a needed child, it is a beautiful feeling of parenthood. So it is recommended to think before opt. For adoption in India.