What is an adoptive home study?

Giving a new life to an abandoned child is a beautiful way to build a family.  At Adoption & Beyond, we make sure our children get safe homes and loving parents. And ensuring those homes are the right place for an adopted child begins with an adoptive home study. An adoptive home study is the initial

How to help my adopted child to maintain culture?

Nowadays cross-culture adoption is common however it brings some uncommon complications when you adopt a child from a different culture, that parent  has quite little more homework to do.  Before passing your tradition and culture, you have to understand your adopted child’s culture. All you need to understand your child first. As your child starts

The girl child is adopted more in India- CARA

“Couples are not allowed to adopt a child until they have stable marital relationships” mention in the regulations. A person can adopt the child irrespective of their financial and marital status, whether or not he/she has a biological son/daughter. Nowadays a substantial number of families registering for child adoption. Cara (Central Adoption Resource Authority) stated

6 Reasons Why People Adopt a Child

Why do People adopt? When we ask this question, then the very first or simple answer is infertility, Right? But do you know there are a lot of other reasons that convince couples to Adopt a Child. The Child Adoption in India is a very personal or emotional decision of parents. Every family has different

Read the Reasons Why Adoption is not Right for You

Adoption is not less than a gift because you can give a luxurious life with a lot of love to a child who needs it and deserve it but sometimes it becomes worst if the adoption comes about the wrong reason. Is Adoption Right For You? Check out some reasons and know why you shouldn't

Domestic and International Adoption in India

Adoption is a combination of both Legal or emotional processes but it becomes hectic sometimes if you are unaware of the rules and guidelines. Process of General Child Adoption in India usually have three main points that you need to deal with: Child availability, Travel and Cost of the adoption. Child Availability: International: International Adoption process

Story of 17 Years to have a child

It’s the Story of Mrs. Karyn Brown and Mr. Mike who tried to have a child for about 17 years and have gone through all painful, emotional and complex processes but then they decided to have an adoption as they were thinking it will be a simple and easy process. But still the fight to

Kids born after rape is struggling for dignity in India

It has been studied that kids born after rapes in India has to struggle for dignity more than everything else. They have to live for the truth of his/her mother. Its a shame for our society that hasitate to accept those kids who have actually done nothing wrong. Reports says that most of the families

Indian Father can give his Child for adoption

In a historical decision by Madurai Branch of Madras High Court on Friday, 28th March; fathers has a right to give his child in adoption in case mother is not living or is not taking care of child or is separated already. Justice S Tamilvanan and Justice V S Ravi has given this decision against

Foreign Children Adoption in US reduced 18%

American Parents Adoption for foreign children reduced to 21year low ie by more than 18%. It is the lowest level since 1992. These figures are released on 21st March 2014 by the “State Department for the 2013 fiscal year”. It says that only 7094 adoptions were done from abroad last year 2013 where as in

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