Things to Understand before Adoption

Adoption is a legal emotional process. We can say that it’s an opportunity for those who are deprived of the beautiful feeling of parenthood and willing to complete their family.  Here we are going to share some necessary points that you need to understand before adoption. Know your rights here :

Everyone can adopt

Adoption is not only for those who are incapable of being parents naturally because of some health issues. Even families can also adopt a child. Single parents too can opt for adoption. Law does not differentiate on the basis of caste, religion, financial or marital status. 

Choose Legal/Authorised Agencies only:

Remember, all the lawful adoption in India can be carried through legal adoption agencies only, designated at various places by CARA (Central Adoption Resource Authority). They will provide you with all the necessary information required for adoption. Law is very strict about adoption in India. Register with the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA). The whole process is online. After registration, a home study will be conducted by a Social Worker and you can become eligible for adoption only after the approval based on it. There are some adoption groups, NGOs that offer counselling to help you to prepare for adoption.

Avoid Extra Medical tests & Accept The Child:

Adoption is not a process of matching a child, it’s about accepting the child. Never judge a child by their appearance. It would only increase the wait time to meet your preferences. Each child has been medically examined before the adoption process, so don’t force extra medical tests because frequent medical tests can affect their health badly.

Adoption is an opportunity to connect with another soul and exchange love with each other. Parenthood requires only affection, not DNA.