The second wave of COVID has proved to be more lethal than the first one. Accounting for the higher infection rate and claiming more lives, the devilous virus has orphaned almost 577 children since April. The figure, disclosed by the Ministry of Women and Child Welfare (WCD), speaks for the entire country. Although these children are currently residing with their immediate families, they are under the continuous radar of the government for safety purposes, said the ministry.

Talking about the data shared by the state governments, a WCD official said that these children are not abandoned and are under the auspices of respective district authorities. Child welfare committees are keeping an eye on their well-being, added he.

Smriti Irani, WCD minister, took to Twitter and said, “GOI is committed to support and protect every vulnerable child due to the loss of both parents to Covid-19. From 1st April 2021 till 2:00 PM today, the State Governments & UTs across the country have reported 577 children whose parents succumbed to Covid-19.”

In the meantime, the government made a decision for the allocation of Rs 10 lakh per district under the Integrated Child Protection Scheme of WCD for the welfare of these children.

Girls were unaware of their mother lying dead in the house due to Covid. See the video here:

Also, WCD has taken into account all the SOS messages strolling over the social media platforms for adoption, which turned out to be fake. WCD along with the Ministry of Home Affairs, and other concerned authorities are now on high alert to curb activities such as child trafficking of orphaned children in the name of adoption.

Previously WCD made it clear that those who wish to adopt may approach the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) for lawful adoption and urged them to refrain from promoting such activities over social media sites.