Parenthood is an amazing experience. Welcoming a new member to the family and growing together is a phase that everyone wants to face. But due to some uncertainties, few couples aren’t fortunate enough to conceive a child. But this doesn’t stop them from being parents.

Remember you can always be a parent, maybe not biologically but emotionally and showering all the love and care you wanted to bestow on your own child. There are so many children under the roof of institutional care and with the onset of the deadly pandemic, thousands more were orphaned in this one and half years.

Now, if you want to adopt a child but sceptical about it then few things will help you to make a decision.

There is never a good time

Adoption is a noble cause. Like you, desirous of a child to complete your life, many children are in need of familial support, love and care. There will always be some doubts. But you have to be crystal clear on why you want to adopt a child.

Adoption is a tedious process. Hence, the more you put the decision on hold more delay it will cause. Filling the forms at the earliest would be a good choice as on some occasions people wait for years to get the child adopted.

Financial Constraints are there

Yes, putting loads of thinking before going to adopt a child is a good thing. You want to give him/her a better life. And your income plays a huge role in determining this. Providing sustenance without any compromise is what you desire and that’s what authorities look at to ensure the holistic development of the orphan.

You should definitely analyse your financial situation before welcoming a new member to the family. But keep in mind that you don’t need to be a millionaire to adopt. All they (authorities) enquire is optimum income to support a finer livelihood of the child.